Centrum Dializa Sp. z o. o. was founded in 2000 in Sosnowiec.
Since its foundation Centrum Dializa Sp. z o. o. provides hemodialysis services.

2001 the first dialysis centre with its own nephrological practice came into existence in Sosnowiec.
The centre was equipped with state of the art medical instruments which are operated from qualified medical stuff.
To do the best for our dialysis patients, we established the one time use of our high-class equipment as standard procedure.
This proceeding helps us to keep the safety for the patients and minimize the risk of complications during medical manipulation.

In our nephrological practices, which of practical reasons are located on the centres terrain, are administered to the patients modern drugs like Renagel and Ketosteril.
To safe the high quality of our services we became registered to the quality management system PN-EN ISO 9001:2001.

Because of the big request of Centres with such a high quality of services like ours,
The management of the company decided to continue expanding.

Actually we are working on opening further dialysis centres in the Polish region and to keep up to date the already opened centres.

Every action of Centrum Dializa Sp. z o. o. take place in agreement, big interest and support of the local administrations and of the nephrologists in the whole country.

Firm "Centrum Dializa Sp. z o.o."

NIP: 634-258-28-01
REGON: 240254246
KAPITAŁ: 100.000,00 PLN

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